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Simplify Your Life

Welcome to This Tiny Life. We’re on a mission – to help you simplify your life. What do we mean by ‘simplify’? In a nutshell, simplifying is about helping people to enjoy more fulfilled and stress-free lives, while having a smaller impact on the planet.

Simplifying is about working less, and playing and traveling more. It’s about automating the parts of your life that take up precious time and energy. It’s about using the best solutions for a problem – whether that involves the latest technology or old fashioned, long-forgotten ones. We’re a lifestyle blog for minimalists, digital nomads, dreamers, and doers. Here are some of the things we’re interested in:

Automation: We’re big fans of using technology and automation, where it makes sense, to make life hassle-free. Whether it’s integrating yourself into a tech ecosystem, setting up IFTTT rules, or digitizing aspects of your life you’d never even thought about, technology can liberate you from a lot of drudgeries.

Minimalism: We advocate a minimalist lifestyle – not as a fashion statement, but as a way of looking at consumption. Many people rarely question whether or not they really need all that ‘stuff’ that instantly dissolves their paycheck. Living a minimalist lifestyle helps you spend less, care for the planet, and have more space to play in.

Sustainability: Part of simplifying involves downsizing your impact on the planet – something we must all do if we’re to avoid the worst effects of climate change. But that shouldn’t (and doesn’t) mean living like a caveman. By consuming intelligently, and looking at ways of generating your own food and energy, you can create a happier and more sustainable life for yourself.

Escaping: Today, there have never been more escape routes open for those of us wanting to duck out of the 9-5. We look at ways of generating a passive income, becoming a digital nomad, and alternative ways of living and traveling throughout the world.

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