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5 Incredible Japanese Micro Apartments

I’m no stranger to living minimally in a small space. But there’s something about small Japanese apartments that really ups the ante! Cities like Tokyo are well known to be incredibly crowded and expensive. And the fact that many people live on their own in studios means that small, efficiently organized homes are a necessity. And boy do they make use of every inch of space! Today we’ve got a roundup of 5 video tours of some of the smallest Japanese apartments out there. Check out some great innovative home designs below!

Tokidoki Traveller’s 8 Square Meter Tokyo Apartment

In our first video, vlogger Emma shows us around her cute little Tokyo apartment which costs just $600 per month. While that may seem expensive to some, her apartment does include some bills such as wifi, and is in a great location to boot. Among some interesting design features (check out the bathroom sink and toilet!) we get to learn about what it really takes to live in such a small space. Emma opens up about what the challenges are, as well as how to mitigate some of them. Pot plants and yoga are a must it would seem!

12 Square Meter Airbnb, Tokyo

Next up on our list is a hella-cute Airbnb measuring in at only 12 square meters. When documentary-maker Sharla needed a place to stay in Tokyo for work, she opted for an Airbnb that cost a mere $32 per night. As it turns out… the apartment was smaller than even the pictures had let on! What we love most about this space is a beautiful, almost dominant feature of the apartment: the artwork that spans an entire wall. Micro apartments needn’t always be about practical furniture and multifunction. Sometimes, they’re just about minimalism and beauty.

13 Square Meter Organiser’s Dream

In this video, host Saskia gives a tour of her tiny Tokyo apartment. As well as giving a great breakdown of what it’s like to live in Tokyo, this video also showcases the kind of storage solutions that you need in such a small space. We see you, Ikea Kallax. Saskia manages to pack a hell of a lot into a small space, including quite an extensive collection of both Kimonos and books!

New-Build Tokyo Apartment

Youtuber Captain Catch shows us around his newly built Tokyo apartment in our next video. It’s interesting to see that the basic design of this micro-apartment is similar to that in older buildings – suggesting that if it ain’t broke, it doesn’t need to be fixed. Although we didn’t catch the size of this one, it feels almost palatial given that there is enough space for a sofa, wardrobe, and TV. The price to pay for such comparative luxury? An eye-watering $1100 a month!

Tiny Tokyo Gamer’s Paradise

For committed Twitch streamer Toph, gaming is a big deal. In this video, he shows us around his pad in Tokyo, and it’s a great example of how to keep a small space homely. Tchotchke’s and toys abound, and Toph has made a conscious decision to keep all his gaming equipment with him, even in such a small apartment. Because going Tiny shouldn’t be about sacrifice, it should be about making the most of what you have – and what makes you happy.

Could You Live In A Place This Small!?

It definitely takes ingenuity (and more than a little patience!) to make spaces this small work. And as far as I’m concerned, more power to those who do! But what do you think? Are these folks living the dream, or is it all just a bit too small? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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