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5 Van Life Videos Which Will Leave You Drooling

Here at This Tiny Life, we love the idea of living in a van. Not only does van life allow you to escape rising rents, but small spaces also help you to be happier with less. Throw in the ability to travel anywhere, and it’s an appealing lifestyle for many. Interest in van life certainly seems to have exploded in the last few years. Instagram and Youtube are positively brimming with full and part time nomads eager to share their stories. So this week on the blog we thought we’d bring you a roundup of our favourite van life videos from the last few years. Just try not to get too jealous!

Sprinter Van with Full Office, Bathroom, and Garage

The Youtube channel Let’s Be Us created this positively envy-inducing video a few months back. In the clip, Sara – one half of the couple who live in the van full-time – gives a tour of all the features and talking points of their vehicle. Sara and Chris’s van is one of the most beautifully fitted we’ve ever seen. Since both of them work full time on the road, one of the requirements for their dream van was to have an office with two full iMacs aboard. If that isn’t enough to make you jealous, their dog is cute as hell too!

Converting A Camper In One Weekend

If you need some DIY inspiration to get started on a van project, look no further than this behind the scenes video from Element Van Life. It shows a neat time lapse of the work that goes into fitting out a camper, as well as some interesting details and design ideas. Best of all, it shows that all you need to convert a van is a little elbow grease and some basic tools. So, if you think that you couldn’t possibly do it yourself – think again!

VW Road Trip Of A Lifetime

In this video, van-dweller Shane Jordan presents an intriguing story about pursuing a better quality of life. After deciding to bail on his unfulfilling job and sell his house, Shane downsized to a van as an experiment in freedom. But in many ways, that was only the beginning of his story. Having escaped workaholic prison, he found a community of like-minded VW Westfalia owners with whom he could share his passion. And if his story wasn’t inspiring enough, then the tour of his custom van will definitely make you crave a life on the road!

Van Life In Ecuador

This video features a day in the life of nomadic power couple Max and Lee (and their dog, Occy). While parked up at a campsite in Ecuador, they spend their day surfing, cooking, shopping, and going out to a restaurant with friends. It’s not all glamour though. This video features some of the more mundane details about van life, such as having to put the bed away every morning. They also learn to live without creature comforts, like a good shower. Still, I’d take a day in their life over being cooped up in an office any time!

Why Did I Get Such A Small Van?

In another post from Element Van Life, host Nate discusses the pros and cons of bigger and smaller vehicles, as well as his ability to escape the city and head for wilderness whenever he wants. We love this video as it encapsulates pretty much everything that our blog is about: freedom, using what actually works (not just what’s bigger & shinier), and having a smaller impact on the planet. For what it’s worth Nate, we don’t think the van is too small – we think it’s perfect!

Which Was Your Favourite?

That’s all for now folks, we hope you enjoyed this roundup of our favourite van life videos. Which was your favourite van? Let us know in the comments! In the meantime, I’m going back to my daydream about fixing up an old VW camper. Until next time.

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