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Evernote Tips And Tricks To Improve Productivity

Although a lot of modern life has moved on from manual or analog methods, I imagine that many things in your life are still done on paper! Be it business cards or receipts or your documents, all are initially available in writing. However, with these Evernote tips and tricks, we’re about to change things for you. Evernote is a great cross-platform digital app that helps millions of individuals in many ways, such as with taking notes, taking pictures, noting down crucial ideas, noting down recipes, and many more.

Generally, Evernote consists of three key features which are: a text editor, a picture upload tool, and an audio recording tool, all of which can be used together or separately. When used in the right way, these features can help you manage many events in your life while on the move – with a single touch of a button!

Tips and Tricks On How to Use Evernote Effectively and Productively

Individuals utilize Evernote for different purposes as it consists of several different features, some of which can be trickier to use. Many individuals still haven´t mastered how to use the various tools and features available to maximize the full potential Evernote has in their lives. Some of the most useful Evernote tips and tricks that will help you digitally organize your life are discussed below. Let’s take a look!

Use the Evernote Web Clipper

One of the best Evernote tips is to make sure you fully utilize the Web Clipper. This is usually a plug-in component for browsers such as Chrome and Firefox, which allows you to save information from a paragraph or a web page and add text to it. Additionally, the Web Clipper can help you copy or save a URL of a particular web page and integrate it with Google.

This feature is crucial as it will imply that any similar pages from the web clipper would pop up in the results page whenever you search on Google. Therefore, you will know the pages you have already saved and can move on to other content.

Add Search Filters

The Evernote application has a search bar in the upper section, which allows you to add search filters during the search for information. This is among the essential Evernote tips that some users either ignore or aren´t aware of. For instance, when you put the term ¨tag¨ before your search, the results would only indicate the notes that have that particular tag, and when you place a minus sign (¨-tag¨), the results will not include findings with the sign.

You can sync Dropbox and Evernote using the tip below!

Sync Documents with Evernote

With the Windows Evernote application, you can be able to move documents automatically into your Evernote account. It is easy for you to configure this, and you may sync several folders simultaneously. This allows you to access all your documents from any computer using the web interface or from any smartphone using unique iOS or Android applications.

Additionally, you can sync the DropBox app and the Evernote app together. Tips for Evernote and DropBox app sync are as follows:

  • First, you must install both the Evernote and DropBox apps.
  • Then, create a folder inside the DropBox folder in which you want to save your documents. Label this folder as ¨Evernote Sync¨.
  • After doing so, click and open Evernote and select the ¨Tools¨ section, then select ¨Import Folders¨.
  • Choose the ¨Add¨ button and select the location of the ¨Evernote Sync¨ folder.
  • Set the specific destination where to import the documents and to alter the local records from the DropBox folder, when necessary. After you configure that, you only need to copy the documents you need to import in Evernote into the DropBox folder, and then the documents will be synced automatically.

Creating Stacks

With the right tips for Evernote, you will be able to merge different notes through the creation of a ¨Stack¨. To create a stack, you only need to access your notebooks, and after that, select and drag a single notebook onto a different one. By doing so, you will create a stack which will connect the notebooks you merged. A stack is like a binder full of your various notebooks.

Adding a Voice Recording

With the Evernote app, you can include voice recordings onto your notes whenever you want to add your voice. You can also utilize this feature while recording interviews, or in recording the audio of a favorite song on the radio in order to search for it later. Voice recording can be really useful, especially with notes that require more than written words to remember.

Setting Reminders and Synchronizing them with Calendar add-in

The Evernote app allows you to set reminders regarding your notes in order for you to keep track of stuff you need to do, and when you need to do it. You can also use the add-ons to synchronize the reminders you set with the calendar so that you won´t forget or miss a particular deadline. Additionally, the Evernote app will send you notifications that will keep you on track with the tasks you need to accomplish; therefore, you may alternatively synchronize with Evernote.

Syncing Evernote with your calendar is quick and easy

Use Keyboard Shortcuts while Searching

Whether you are in a hurry, or you just want to operate the Evernote app more effectively and productively, these Evernote keyboard shortcuts are very useful. These shortcuts will assist you in running the app much quicker and therefore save you time. Some of the most used keyboard combinations for Mac and Windows desktops include:

F9 / CMD-S – Used for Sync
Ctrl-Shift-E – Used for sending Evernote notes through email
Ctrl-N / CMD-N – Used for creating a new Evernote note
Ctrl-Shift-T / CMD-N – Used for placing a new tag
Alt-Shift-D / CMD-D – Used for inserting the date/time
Ctrl-Shift-N / CMD-⇧-N – Used for creating a new notebook

Evernote also presents you with the option of configuring your personalized shortcuts, if the default shortcuts aren´t helpful enough for you. To set your shortcuts, open Evernote app, under ¨Tools¨, choose ¨Options¨” and after that, select Hot Keys and configure accordingly.

Automate your Evernote App

Are you aware that with Evernote, you can automate your social media and IRL events and store them? Anything from keeping track of your tweets to tracking your health data, you can automate by using Evernote. For example with Evernote you can:

  • Save important information such as meeting minutes, and retrieve them where and when you need to. However, we recommend not storing any passwords on Evernote.
  • You can keep track of your physical exercises from Fitbit using a simple IFTTT recipe.
  • You can save a record of every activity on your social media. Use an IFTTT recipe to store your favorite tweets onto a notebook you prefer!

Encrypting Sensitive Evernote Text on your Desktop

If you are using Evernote on your desktop, you may be able to encrypt individual notes or even a section of text within a note. This feature is useful, especially if you are keeping sensitive data. However, this encryption only works for the desktop versions of Evernote and on the text and not pictures. This encryption can improve the security of your text significantly compared to unencrypted data.

Ready to get started!?

I hope you enjoyed these Evernote tips and tricks! Like most things, with Evernote you are going to get out what you put in. By learning these simple tips you can take your paperless existence to the next level!

Don’t forget to check out the rest of our blog to see what else we’ve been up to. Until next time folks!

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