GoSun Go Solar Convection Oven

Nomadic Cooking With A Solar Convection Oven

Today on the blog, we’re celebrating the arrival of summer. It’s that glorious time of year where people dust off their barbecues, head to the beach, and always seem to smile a little easier. What’s also great about summer is the enormous potential for renewable energy. The Sun’s rays give us the opportunity to exploit different types of power, from concentrated solar electricity to photo-voltaic. Today we’re going to look at one innovative product that’s designed to reduce the energy used in cooking: a solar convection oven.

Courtesy of our sister blog, Thrifty Hiker (aimed at all you camping aficionados), we’re taking a gander at the GoSun Go. It’s a solar convection oven designed to reduce the need for cooking with traditional fuels. As long as you have a little bit of sunlight, the GoSun Go promises to cook you a meal in as little as 30 minutes!

About GoSun

GoSun offer a wide array of solar cooker options, ranging from the small and portable ‘Go’ to the backyard behemoth the ‘Fusion’. All of them use the same basic technology however. Reflective surfaces concentrate the sun’s rays on a super-insulated vacuum tube. This tube holds the food, and slowly – at least compared to a normal oven – cooks whatever is inside it.

GoSun Solar Convection Oven
All images courtesy of Thrifty Hiker

Cooking With The Sun: Solar Convection Ovens

This kind of solar convection technology has a lot of advantages when compared to conventional cooking. First, there’s the portability of the design. With something as small and light as the Go, you can happily sling it in a backpack. But even a larger model such as the GoSun Sport is still very car and van friendly. Basically, it’s a cookery dream come true for sun-chasing nomads.

Next, we love the fact that you’d don’t need any fuel. That means less to carry if your BBQ is going on the road, no worrying about smoke getting in your eyes, and doing your bit to preserve the planet too. We also love the fact that you can set up the GoSun and then pretty much leave it alone. Sure you might need to adjust the position once in a while, or take a peek at how your food is doing. But once it’s rolling, you can generally just kick back with a beer and wait.

On our first attempt at cooking with the Go, we were munching on some beautifully cooked sausages within a few hours of setting everything up. Not bad considering it was a pretty overcast day! And there lies the beauty of the design: the GoSun Go works through light, not heat. So even in winter, it’s possible to cook if you have at least a glimmer of sunlight. Of course the less sun you have the longer it will take to heat up, but then… that’s just basic physics!

Solar Cookouts, Ahoy!

In short: I’m absolutely loving the GoSun Go thus far. In fact, the only thing I regret is not getting one of GoSun’s larger models. The Go is great, but being able to cook larger meals would be truly next level. Now if you’ll excuse me, some epic solar cookouts await! Full story: Thrifty Hiker.

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