Veho Z10 Headphones Review

The Perfect Digital Nomad Headphones: Veho Z10’s

Recently, I was on the lookout for some new headphones, after my old ones perished. If there’s one thing I hate, it’s shopping for new headphones. There never seems to be a pair that ticks every box for me. What’s more, the quality is often not what I’d like. I’ve certainly yet to come across a pair that I could buy for life. Still, needs must, so I set about doing my research. And I was pleasantly surprised to find a pair that had pretty much everything I wanted. I’d found the perfect digital nomad headphones (well, at least in my opinion!). Here’s my review of Veho’s awesome Z10 Headphones.

What I Look For In Digital Nomad Headphones

I’ll freely admit that when it comes to headphones, I’m something of a luddite. I spend a lot of time listening to music and podcasts, so obviously good sound quality is important. But being a sometime digital nomad has taught me a lot about what’s important in a set of headphones besides how they sound. All that considered, when I have to buy a new pair of cans I value good sound, durability and basic features done well – as opposed to shiny gimmicks. So the things on my wish list for a new pair of headphones were:

Solid Build

Maybe I’m careless, but I rarely seem to have a pair of headphones that lasts more than a few months these days. Throwing them away is both wasteful and annoying. Ergo, I wanted my new pair to be built to last. The ability to take a few knocks is a definite plus.

Wired, Not Wireless

Like I said, a luddite. I know the headphone market is increasingly moving towards Bluetooth, but that doesn’t mean I have to like it. For my money, the battery life on Bluetooth headphones isn’t quite long enough yet for me to make the switch. And that’s assuming you remember to charge them. Otherwise, they serve only as a paperweight. Compare that to the humble 3.5mm audio jack, which carries with it the promise of nostalgia and an instant, flawless connection.

Detachable Cable

It blows my mind how difficult it is to find headphones with detachable audio cables. Going back to my point on durability, the intersection of cable and can is one of the weakest points on any pair of headphones. What’s the point of making great quality headphones with a flimsy, nothing-y cable coming out of them? It’s difficult to make a seriously bomb-proof audio cable – better to accept that it will break eventually, but then be able to swap it out for another one. At least then you don’t also have to throw your still functional cans in the trash too.

Over Ear, Not In Ear

When I occasionally have to fly (which I despise) I find it helpful to be able to try and tune out my surroundings. By taking an aisle seat, and having some noise-isolating cans on my head, I can almost pretend I’m on a bus instead of a winged death trap. Almost.


Not a deal breaker for me, but being semi-nomadic has made me value products that let you fold, stash and store them for travel. If I could find a pair of headphones that fold down into a smaller profile, I’d consider it a bonus.

Great Sound Quality

So, as well as wanting all of the above, I also wanted something worthy of inclusion on any audiophile’s Christmas list. Or at least, I wanted them to be above average sound quality. I was willing to compromise on this point, and I thought I’d have to in order to tick every other box. I was asking too much to get all this from one pair of headphones, right? That’s what I thought, until I found the Z10’s…

Why I Love The Veho Z10’s

Simply put, the Veho Z10 Headphones ticked the box for pretty much everything. First of all, the build quality is really good. Beats, they ain’t – but they definitely feel like higher quality than you’d expect at this price point. They’re sleek, simple and look like they’d survive a good few drops or an accidental stepping on. Durability and style: check. You can also fold down the Z10’s and stash them in the included soft tote bag. Travel friendliness: check.

The Veho Z10 digital nomad headphones, folded
The Veho Z10 headphones, folded

The Veho Z10’s have an old-school wired connection, as opposed to Bluetooth. Not only that, but the 3.5mm audio cable can be detached from the headset and replaced with another if it breaks. Hallelujah – apparently I wasn’t the last person in the entire world who craved this feature. What’s more, the audio cable that’s included with the Z10’s is an anti-tangle. Bonus points to Veho for providing me with something I didn’t know I needed! Replaceable cable connection: Check.

So, what about the actual sound? Well, the over-ear, noise-isolating design of these headphones works pretty damn well. Again, don’t expect the same kind of sound quality you’d get from a pair of Beats, or another expensive set of cans. But considering the price of the Veho Z10’s, the sound is absolutely exceptional. Sound quality: Check.

Veho Z10 Headphones Review: The Verdict

Try as I might, I really just can’t fault these headphones. The sound quality is great, and considering all the other awesome features they have going for them, they’re an absolute steal for the price. When it came to my… esoteric needs around new headphones, I was surprised to find a pair that didn’t just meet my requirements, they smashed them out of the park. If you’re looking for that perfect set of digital nomad headphones, then I honestly can’t recommend these enough!

I hope you enjoyed this Veho Z10 headphones review. Know a better set of headphones out there for the price? Let us know in the comments! And don’t forget – if you like this kind of thing, then check out the rest of our blog to see what else we’ve been up to.

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